November 17, 2010

Not in the Mood

Today is a critical day.  I am not in the mood to write.  Not a single word.  But I will not let that stop me!

Sure, the post will be less than stellar, but I know that if I skip today I will guarantee the following:

  • I will disappoint myself and my goal for 30 posts in 30 days;
  • I will be less likely to write again tomorrow - whether or not I'm in the mood;
  • I will probably lose focus and not even visit the NaNoBloMo website to visit other blogs.

I don't want that, as I have made it so much farther than in previous attempts.  (Well, there have only been two - but they were valiant efforts!)

I don't have much time left at work, which is great.  I have to stop at the library on my way home to return some DVDs, but that shouldn't take all that long - I hope.  Maybe I'll pick up one or two for fun.  At the moment, all I want to do right now is go home, make dinner and read a bit before going to bed.  I have a strange feeling that my husband isn't happy with me.  I haven't spoken to him all day, but when I just tried to call him, his phone was down.  (We are waiting on some money to come in before we can pay it.)

I could be overreacting - it's not something I am unaccustomed to doing, but I hate that feeling.  It makes me unhappy.. Now that I think of it, that's probably the reason I have no desire to write today.  Huh... Whoulda thunk it?  I guess now I just need to get off this pity party train and BE HAPPY!  I can't let one person bring me down - even if it's my hubby!  I guess writing today was a good idea!

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