November 9, 2010

Home Decorating

I was lying in bed this morning, looking around my room when I thought, When does the switch go off in a person's brain that changes taste?

Now, I'm not talking about the day a person decides that mushrooms aren't the most disgusting things on the planet, or that seafood is actually yummy (and it is)!  I'm talking about the small graduations from the desire to have Sponge Bob Squarepants on your walls, to posters of the coolest rock band on your ceiling, to the clutter of a college dorm and finally to mantle pieces and writing desks.

I got stopped somewhere around using empty milk crates as storage and/or bookshelves...

Don't get me wrong, our home isn't a mess, nor is it all painted neon green so it will glow in the blacklights, but it's not 'adult.'  Nothing matches, for the most part.  Sure, we try to get similar colors to go together, and we attempted to get a kind of 'theme' going in our living room, but that fell away as soon as a neighbor was getting rid of their entertainment center.  (Silver and black, despite what you may think, do not go with a more muted 'Florida Keys' type atmosphere.)

I walk into the houses of friends, and I wonder, "where did my decorative gene go?  Did I have one to begin with?"  They have sofas that match loveseats, that match walls, that go great with the coffee and end tables set just so.  We, on the other hand, have a couple of mismatched tables holding lamps around a room with two recliners and a sofa.  However, I can say that the recliners match!!!  (An early Christmas gift to ourselves last year..)

Maybe I'm just not ready to 'grow up' yet... Maybe part of my brain is saying that the house looks good, comfortable... Lived in.  I can live with that...  

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