November 14, 2010

We'll Be Okay

We’ll be okay.
Today was an early day.  I think it was about 7:13 am when the dogs started barking to go outside.  It’s funny – they don’t do that when they sleep in our room.  Anyway, Beans decided she wanted out, and the whole house was going to know it.  I volunteered to go get them, and let my husband sleep.  I figured, I could run downstairs, let the dogs out, and get back up and into bed before I officially woke up. 
Unfortunately, I guess my kindness was misunderstood because when I got up stairs, the husband had the idea to give all four dogs a bath.  So much for getting a few more minutes of rest…
So, to be a good wife, I decided that since he is taking care of the dogs, I would take care of him and make breakfast.  Pancakes, grits and Cuban coffee.  Not exactly the dish I would have liked, but it’s what we had.  I don’t care much for grits, and I was afraid they would be absolutely disgusting without butter, but it turns out that a little salt and some maple syrup do wonders! 
By 9am we were on a roll with the cleaning – as was the plan.  I think we did a little something in each and every room we have – Florida room and yard included! 
It is now almost 6pm and I am on my last legs.  I drank two energy drinks throughout the day, and that was probably my demise.  I hope to make it to dinner…  The soup is on, so at least I have that going for me. 
We have yet to find the missing items from Friday night.  (We are missing an ID, a debit card and $20.  I am really frustrated by that, because I can picture every moment from that night, yet I cannot figure out where any of it was lost.  I assume they fell out of my pocket, but it could only have happened in one place – and they didn’t find it…   sigh.
I can only hope that I happened to put everything in a place where I wouldn’t lose them – and then forgot where that was.  It wouldn’t be the first time.
Tomorrow begins another week.  Thankfully, next week is only three days.  I could use the vacation, and my husband will be working some shifts, since we can use the money.  It will be a nice, peaceful Thanksgiving.  I am very much looking forward to it.
Until then, I will trudge along through the week and continue my search for more income.  As I do every week. 

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