November 2, 2010

Welcome NaBloPoMo!

Since it is now November 2nd, and I have yet to post anything on this blog, I thought that today would be a perfect beginning. Albeit a day late...

I think I am going to use this blog as a personal area where I can vent and be me, while my true NaBloPoMo posts can be found at my other blog. I think it will also be a good way to see all of the fine differences between Wordpress and Blogspot blogs. I am sure there are nuances to both that I will love, but who will win out?

A bit about me - I have tried over and over to blog. I get all excited about it, I post like crazy, and I peter out... I don't know why, but I get to a point where I don't feel like I want to write anything, or that anything I do want to write is interesting enough to be read. Yes, even by complete strangers.

This is my third attempt at 'Daria's Blog' and, as you may have guessed, my name is Daria. I tried on, then hosted it as and when I let that expire (stupid me), I tried to go back to the WP blog. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea what my login information is over there, and their 'customer service' won't even think about helping me. (Way to go!) I have ranted about that for quite a while now, but I figure I will eventually copy some of the posts over to here. We'll, see...

In the meantime, I will probably post bits and pieces of me throughout the month. If you have made it this far, and enjoy my writing, I invite you to comment. Even more importantly, I invite you to return. Enjoy the journey...

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  1. Blogging is so much fun! It comes and go for me, too! Good luck!