August 25, 2011

Thursday Night Live

I'm here at Tijuana Flats by my house, having some FREE BEER!     

I know, it's a 'school' night.. (aka Work night) but we are having a relaxing night out....  Playing on the computer, drinking and figuring out what we want to eat.   Husband doesn't care much for Tex-Mex, but I LOVE it!

We are almost through with Week 2 of training, and my husband may start working with me while he looks for a job in Law Enforcement..   Today is a good day.   =)

Tonight is also a good night.    WOOT WOOT!!!!  

August 24, 2011

UnEmployed No More!

I'm on Day 8 of training, and I'm loving it!!!!

Because of this, I have not been able to get to the library to post any of my blogs for August, but I've still posted more this month than in the past few!  Right? 

Husband and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Monday.  Went out to a nice dinner at the Chart House.  I don't know if you have ever been to one, but they are lovely.  I'm not used to being waited on in such a manner.  It's a nice feeling, yet almost uncomfortable for a DIY kind of girl like me...   However, it was a fantastic night, overall.  I had Stuffed Tilapia (delicious), and hubs had some sort of Lamb Lollipops...  Something to that effect...  Anyway, I took some pictures - so I could post on Foodspotting - (I can be followed HERE.)  They were a bit dark, but I'm going to see what I can do with them at home...

Job is going well...  I mean, it's 7 weeks' worth of training - which is the part that I love (and at which I excel)!  Unfortunately, not everyone 'gets it' as quickly as me and a few others.  We are down to 23 out of 26 people - 2 for family reasons, one we're not sure of.  It's really none of my business, I know.  I just like to know if they are okay...   It's a pretty wide range of people, too - which is neat.  I think our ages range from 18 to probably 55 or so!  They are a nifty group, if I must say so.  The instructor is pretty cool, too.  I think we may be his first full time class, though.  He seems a little frazzled, but thankfully on his game.  His patience is amazing.  There are a couple of talkers in the class that I would have long ago separated...  They aren't too disruptive, but telling someone to stop talking 2 - 3 times a day would wear on me. 

Like I said, it's 7 weeks and we are midway through week 2.  I'm looking forward to seeing how we end up.  Who passes and who doesn't...   What matters to me is that I learn all that I can, exceed everyone's expectations (even mine!), and eventually become something bigger...  This company seems to have a LOT of growth opportunities, and I expect to explore them all!

Have a wonderful afternoon, everyone! 

August 11, 2011

Banking is not for me

So far, so good on the job front.  I have been getting emails from the Company, guiding me through their 'in-doc' procedures.  They call it the 'Red Carpet,' which I think is just lovely!  (And Yes, I said 'lovely.')  It makes me feel welcomed and important.  Isn't that how everyone should feel when being introduced into a new company? 

So, I've got until Friday to get a copy of my High School diploma (and I have absolutely NO idea how to do that...) and enroll in Direct Deposit.  Normally, this would not be a problem.  However, we are disappointed in the way our bank is going, and want to switch to something else.  Unfortunately, we have not yet decided on which bank to use.

I am currently trying to figure out what the difference between a Bank and a Credit Union is.  I would like to earn money on our savings, but with the economy the way it is today, that's pretty tough to find.  I would also like to be able to use the account and not have to pay for it every month.  That's the problem with our current bank - they are going from 'Free Checking' to having to pay $7 every month!  Um... No thank you...  Sure, $7 isn't all that much to some people, but it adds up!  Plus, I'm poor - so it IS a lot of money to me!

I was thinking of maybe going to the bank that holds our mortgage, but we eventually would like to refinance that, so it may not matter in the long run.

UGH!  I wish they would have taught this stuff in High School.  I was lucky enough to have one teacher who taught us a bit about the stock market, how to write a check, and a bit about balancing a checkbook - but back then, Debit cards were scarce.  Hmm.. now that I think about it, that shouldn't make much of a difference.  *sigh*  Maybe banks should do monthly seminars on this stuff!  Now THAT would be great!  Who better to learn from, right?  

Okay, I just made myself giggle on that one.  I'm sure people are out there thinking, "Yeah, let's learn from the banks that can't seem to handle their own money problems.  Maybe we can learn how to get bailed out, too!"

So...  Here goes nothing.  Research, Research, Research...  

What do you use, and/or prefer?  Bank or Credit Union? 

August 10, 2011

So. Very. Tired. Driving Sucks.

In the past two days, I have probably driven almost 400 miles.  I have had two long trips (1+ hours) and a bunch of teeny tiny short ones around the town.  Let me tell you, I'm not usually the one who drives anywhere.  Not necessarily because I don't enjoy it - I do.  My husband doesn't think I'm a good driver. 

Yes, he makes the unoriginal jokes about Female drivers, but he doesn't truly think that women can't drive.  Just me.  He doesn't tease me about it.  He doesn't turn white at the thought of me driving.  He just doesn't think I'm all that great.

Honestly, I may not be.   I'm not horrible, by any means!  I just get a little lost sometimes.  Both figuratively and literally.  I get a little anxious in heavy traffic, and don't even think about talking to me in the rain!  The rain issue is mostly because of the drivers in Florida.  It is the rainiest state I have ever been in, yet nobody seems to know how to drive in it.  It's ridiculous! 

Rain is not a new concept, People!

You would think the cities would shut down if they could....

Anyway, all this driving, and rain, and added stress has taken it's toll.  I have walked around like a zombie for the past two days, and I don't think it will change until Saturday when I can finally rest! 

To top it all off...  My husband's ex-girlfriend is coming to visit with her daughter.  I have NO idea what to do with them, or entertain them with.  Especially when I feel like Death warmed over!  It's going to be a long two days... I'll tell you that much!

August 8, 2011

What a Good Day

I know, I know.. I'm sorely slacking on the writing thing...  I suck.  I write more when I am not under a 'deadline,' I guess.  However, I wanted to give a big sigh of relief by posting publicly that I have had a pretty good couple of days!

I spent the majority of Sunday in the library, filling out job applications for the husband, while he was home.  Doing nothing, I might add.  Didn't touch a dish in the sink; didn't take anything out for dinner; zip, zero, zilch, NADA!  I knew he wouldn't, but it still irked me.  He had the day off because the Moble Unit he mans for the local police department had broken down.  So he wasn't needed.

It started off crazy.  I honestly don't know why.  The night before was pretty nice.  But at 5AM, when he would normally go to work, he got up, showered and proceeded to B!+C# about how he couldn't find things that he swore he put away.  He stomped around like a child for almost an hour.  Mind you, it's Five in the Frickin' Morning!!!!  I didn't have to wake up early, so I was up late watching my LockUp marathon on MSNBC....  I'm not a morning person to begin with, but that was just horrific!

I still had not found my wedding ring, and I was pretty upset by it.  Anyway, by the time the library opened, I couldn't wait to get out of the house. 

When I got home, things were much, much, MUCH calmer.  I'm thinking he had a good nap.  But that's me.  We watched Kick Ass (which was quite good) and ate Pizza (which was also quite good).  Not long after, we called it a night.  He had to get up at 4 this morning for another shift.

I happened to be in the bathroom, drying my hands and face, when I had an epiphany.   I wondered if maybe I had lost my ring when I was doing the exact same thing the night it was lost.  It's always loose by that time of day, so I try to take special care to keep it on...  but maybe...   I looked behind the toilet, in the garbage, in the toilet scrubber doohickey... Nothing. 

As a fluke, I lifted up the bathmat.  Then the mat that sits under the toilet.  My heart sunk. It wasn't there.  Maybe I was wrong.  Until I leaned down to straighten it out and caught a flash in the corner of my eye.  MY RING!  I was absolutely thrilled!  I leaned down and plucked it out of the cotton loops that make up our mats and felt complete again.  I knew it was going to be a good week.

So, since I'm rambling already, may as well keep going, right?

I got up at 4 with the hubs, so that I could take the car for the day.  And I am thankful I did!  I had a first interview for a position last Friday, and got the call back for a second interview that afternoon.  In my head, I was sure it was scheduled for Wednesday, the 10th.  On the way home, I listened to the call, just to be sure.  Nope, I was wrong.  It was scheduled at 10.  TODAY!

I went home, but couldn't fall right back to sleep.  I was already awake, and quite excited/nervous for the interview.  I did finally get a little rest, but jumped up at 8AM to get ready and go.

Long story short, (I know, too late for that), THEY HIRED ME!!!!  I took the drug test this afternoon, filled out some online 'paperwork,' and now I just wait to make sure the background check comes back fine.  It should... but you never know!  =)  I'm very excited and I hope that by Friday I'm able to tell you that I am officially employed!

Whew...  that was quite the rant.   SORRY!!!!   I hope you will forgive me.  =)  It's going to be a good week.  It's just got to be!

August 6, 2011

I Have Not Forgotten NaBloPoMo

Unfortunately, I do not have internet access at my home.  I do, however, have a computer and flash drive, which I have dutifully loaded all of my posts onto.  That being said, I'm a bit of a ditz sometimes and I have left the drive in my backpack, at home. 

Things have been busy around the house this week.  I wish it were fictional, as to fit in with the NaBloPoMo theme for August, but it is not.

 My husband celebrated his birthday on Tuesday, so we took a whirlwind trip down to Miami.  It was fantastic, but the drive home on Wednesday took absolutely forever!  We were exhausted!

I had an interview yesterday, which went pretty well.  Last night, we celebrated my call-back for a second interview.  I met him at a local watering hole, had a couple drinks and got some dinner.  It was relatively calm, but for some reason, I woke up this morning without my wedding ring on.  I have searched EVERYWHERE!  But to no avail.  I feel sick to my stomach about it.  I am praying to all of the saints that it didn't fall off in my pool when I went swimming.  It always gets just a bit loose later in the day...  So, I'm going to have to go home and continue my search.  My engagement ring made it's way back to the ringbox, so I have to believe that my wedding ring is SOMEWHERE in the house...   I just have to!

Writing about it has made me feel a tad better... but not much.  I really need to find it.  I feel naked without it!!!

So, that has been my week.  I'm hoping that next week fairs better.  Wish me luck!