March 14, 2012

If I Were a Breed of Dog, Which Would I Be?

That is the most recent Plinky question I picked.

I am a fan of dogs and cats.  I know that most people go with one or the other, but not me.  We currently have three dogs in our house, which is awesome.  And we have a visiting Maine Coon kitty with three legs.

The dogs we have are two Basset Hounds and one English Bulldog.  Frank, Beans and Gordo.

And yes, those are them..  Frank. Beans. And Gordo.

Frank and Beans were a gift my husband and I bought ourselves when we moved into our first house.  They are brother and sister, and I officially named Beans 'Beatrice LaStrange' after the Harry Potter books, but I didn't realize until later that the name was *supposed* to be 'Beatrix.'   Or something similar..  I'm a big fan, but not when it comes to those kids of details...

Anyway, Gordo was a rescue of sorts.  My husband (I need to come up with a nickname for him for blogging purposes) grew up and had an English Bulldog for *13* years!   The poor thing died from eating a poisonous frog..  I got that call from him (we were friends at the time) and I felt sooooo badly...  He tried to revive the poor thing by flushing him out with water and whatnot..  the dog's collar was in the bathtub for weeks.. It was a sad time...

Fast forward to 4 or 5 years later, and my hubs sees a Facebook post from an old, not often contacted, friend, who is trying to find a home for their Bully!  It was like the stars aligned.  We were in Miami a day later picking him up.  He's been a leader for our other dogs since!

So, even though the question asked about what kind of dog *I* would like to be, I veered off track.  I honestly don't know what breed I would be, but I do know what kinds of dogs I love!  (A shout out to all them Golden Retrievers out there, too!)

March 11, 2012

Volunteering - do you?

Blood Donation
Blood Donation (Photo credit: Rojina)
Today's Plinky question is, "Do You Volunteer?"

My answer is - not as much as I would like.  One of the big reasons I chose to work with the current company I work for, is that they loosely require us to volunteer in the community.  So far, I have done some Blood Drives, helped out at an Art Festival and a Fun Run, and I have loved it all.  The bad part is that the events are always somewhere around 30-45 minutes away.  It's not a bad thing, but when I have a day off, and the shifts are only 1-2 hours - I cannot justify spending the gas money.  Does that make me a bad person?  It may.  I'm not OK with that, but I will deal with it.

I Have offered to take on some of my own, personal volunteer hours, closer to home, but they are never approved. I understand why, but it still doesn't make much sense. They want us working with the 'local' community - local to the area where the company is located.  I get that, but do wish I could get something closer to home every once in a while.
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March 8, 2012

Who or What do I Turn to for a Laugh?

Another Plinky question...

It's a good one, actually!  I love to laugh, which is why I love my husband.  He and I have similar senses of humor, so that helps, but when he is not around, I really enjoy watching


I don't know why, but I can watch 90% of their episodes over and over and over, and STILL laugh...  I am especially fond of Stewie, but really - who isn't?  I wish they would bring back the ominous violin chords when he is doing something 'less than nice.'

When I'm bored, or need something going on in the background, I always throw in a DVD of one of the first seasons, or throw it up on NetFlix.  The craziness and unbelievability of it all is hilarious to me!  I have been a fan for years, and I hope to continue to be one for many more years to come!

March 7, 2012

What does it feel like when a Season starts to change?

Okay, this is my first blog in a while.  I am getting a topic from Plinky.  I do like Plinky, but I kind of kick myself, since I think I should be able to pick my *own* topics...

Anyway, the one I randomly chose was the above, "What does it feel like when a season starts to change?"

For the most part, I think this applies to any and all seasons.. But what I do know, is that a season changing is kind of exciting.  I am no longer in an area that experiences all four seasons.  I'm in Florida.  We get rain...  one or two months of 'chilly,' and hot.  That is it...

So, from what I like, and want, to remember, seasons changing are times of reflection and rejoice.

When I was in New England, seasons lasted forever.  Summer seemed to go on for months.  I enjoyed it while I could, but I loved the fact that summer was ending and autumn was beginning.. I got the last few drops of sunlight when I could play games with my friends, but then it transitioned to the cooler nights where we had to get ready for school the next day.  We also waited for the time when Halloween loomed, I LOVE Halloween!

Now, as an adult, there is still a feeling of gratefulness that a season is ending, but there is the promise of a new season.

It is kind of like everyone feels at the end of the year.  We finish a year, kind of regret what we did not do, and are thankful for the beginning of a new one - a fresh start!  

October 4, 2011

Halloween is Coming!

Halloween is my favorite time of year. 

I do not exactly understand why, because I absolutely hate people in masks and costumes, but there is just something about All Hallows' Eve that makes me happy.  Maybe it's the chill in the air, the free candy, or the twinkle in the kiddies' eyes when they scream, "Trick or Treat!" at the top of their lungs... I'm not quite sure... 

For years, I have wanted to decorate our home in the scariest of things - cobwebs, pumpkins, skeletons and such - it would be like my Christmas, but since we moved in, we have yet to spend a Halloween at home.  This year is no different.  I will have to work that night and miss out on all the festivities.  My husband is not much of a Holiday guy, so getting him to take pictures of the kids and give out candy will be like pulling teeth.  Not looking forward to it at all. 

The good thing is that the company at which I work, is pro-family and they go all out for Halloween.  For that, I am thankful.  But now, I have to come up with a costume idea.  I could do my Wench outfit - which isn't risque in the least, but it does push my bosoms up to my chin....  Not sure that's very child-friendly...  I will have to ask.   heh...

Let the countdown BEGIN!

October 3, 2011

Happy October!

In Florida, we don't get snow.  We don't get flurries. We don't even get freezing temperatures.  But, in October, there is a special time when the weather breaks.  The heat and humidity are gone, and there is a crispness to the air.  It may only happen in Central Florida, and it may only be for a couple of days in a row - but I look forward to it each and every year...

This year, it happened while we were in Miami - but what a welcomed feeling it was to have all of our windows open when we returned.  The breeze tickling us as we slept in almost 50 degree weather.


Unfortunately, my husband was born and raised in South Florida, so to him, it was freezing....

He needs to learn to wear sweaters.     =)

August 25, 2011

Thursday Night Live

I'm here at Tijuana Flats by my house, having some FREE BEER!     

I know, it's a 'school' night.. (aka Work night) but we are having a relaxing night out....  Playing on the computer, drinking and figuring out what we want to eat.   Husband doesn't care much for Tex-Mex, but I LOVE it!

We are almost through with Week 2 of training, and my husband may start working with me while he looks for a job in Law Enforcement..   Today is a good day.   =)

Tonight is also a good night.    WOOT WOOT!!!!