November 8, 2010

What a Fantastic Weekend

I will say, that even though it was my birthday, I had a great time!

We did go to the Halifax Art Festival - which was a lot of fun.  The weather was beautiful - almost chilly, cloudless and crisp.  There were dogs everywhere, which made me wish we had brought one of our dogs.  Unfortunately, they would probably lay down ever thirty steps...  However, they would definitely be some of the cutest there!  I didn't see ONE Basset or Bull!  I was rather surprised.

We enjoyed a movie about 13 foot land sloths, 9 foot armadillos, and the wars and bloodshed that took place in the Daytona area throughout history.  It was interesting to learn a little about where our street names came from, what some buildings used to be, and the like.  I enjoyed it quite a lot.

Anyway, that was Saturday. 

Sunday, we picked up a 3 foot Monitor Lizard from a friend of mine.  Lizard-sitting is uninteresting, to say the least.  However, it's cold, and he (Dino) is quite lethargic in such weather.  I think we may have to find an electric blanket to warm him up and get him a little more active!

And now, the countdown to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 begins...  

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