November 12, 2010

Friday. Overrated?

Probably.  Okay, it's the last day of the work week, and you can stay up (or out) later than you would from Sunday to Thursday, but what is the real draw to Friday?

Is it the idea of the weekend?  The mystery of not knowing what might happen?  The unpredictability of not having a set routine (or constraints) that you have Monday through Friday?

For me, Friday is all about relaxing.  It's like the beginning of a mini-vacation, at home.  I guess the buzz word is now 'stay cation' but I hate that term and prefer not to use it.  Well, hate may be a strong word.  I strongly dislike it. How's that for you?

It's day 12 of NaNoBloMo.  I am posting daily - but at what cost?  ::Insert Smiley Here::  I haven't written anything of real value - though I do think I will go back eventually and rewrite a few things here and there.  So I do have a couple of good jumping off points.  I think my post on Monday will be a summary.  Yeah, a mid-month review of how things are going and where I want to be.

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy my Friday and roll with the punches.  Hasta la vista!

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