March 7, 2012

What does it feel like when a Season starts to change?

Okay, this is my first blog in a while.  I am getting a topic from Plinky.  I do like Plinky, but I kind of kick myself, since I think I should be able to pick my *own* topics...

Anyway, the one I randomly chose was the above, "What does it feel like when a season starts to change?"

For the most part, I think this applies to any and all seasons.. But what I do know, is that a season changing is kind of exciting.  I am no longer in an area that experiences all four seasons.  I'm in Florida.  We get rain...  one or two months of 'chilly,' and hot.  That is it...

So, from what I like, and want, to remember, seasons changing are times of reflection and rejoice.

When I was in New England, seasons lasted forever.  Summer seemed to go on for months.  I enjoyed it while I could, but I loved the fact that summer was ending and autumn was beginning.. I got the last few drops of sunlight when I could play games with my friends, but then it transitioned to the cooler nights where we had to get ready for school the next day.  We also waited for the time when Halloween loomed, I LOVE Halloween!

Now, as an adult, there is still a feeling of gratefulness that a season is ending, but there is the promise of a new season.

It is kind of like everyone feels at the end of the year.  We finish a year, kind of regret what we did not do, and are thankful for the beginning of a new one - a fresh start!  

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