March 14, 2012

If I Were a Breed of Dog, Which Would I Be?

That is the most recent Plinky question I picked.

I am a fan of dogs and cats.  I know that most people go with one or the other, but not me.  We currently have three dogs in our house, which is awesome.  And we have a visiting Maine Coon kitty with three legs.

The dogs we have are two Basset Hounds and one English Bulldog.  Frank, Beans and Gordo.

And yes, those are them..  Frank. Beans. And Gordo.

Frank and Beans were a gift my husband and I bought ourselves when we moved into our first house.  They are brother and sister, and I officially named Beans 'Beatrice LaStrange' after the Harry Potter books, but I didn't realize until later that the name was *supposed* to be 'Beatrix.'   Or something similar..  I'm a big fan, but not when it comes to those kids of details...

Anyway, Gordo was a rescue of sorts.  My husband (I need to come up with a nickname for him for blogging purposes) grew up and had an English Bulldog for *13* years!   The poor thing died from eating a poisonous frog..  I got that call from him (we were friends at the time) and I felt sooooo badly...  He tried to revive the poor thing by flushing him out with water and whatnot..  the dog's collar was in the bathtub for weeks.. It was a sad time...

Fast forward to 4 or 5 years later, and my hubs sees a Facebook post from an old, not often contacted, friend, who is trying to find a home for their Bully!  It was like the stars aligned.  We were in Miami a day later picking him up.  He's been a leader for our other dogs since!

So, even though the question asked about what kind of dog *I* would like to be, I veered off track.  I honestly don't know what breed I would be, but I do know what kinds of dogs I love!  (A shout out to all them Golden Retrievers out there, too!)

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