March 8, 2012

Who or What do I Turn to for a Laugh?

Another Plinky question...

It's a good one, actually!  I love to laugh, which is why I love my husband.  He and I have similar senses of humor, so that helps, but when he is not around, I really enjoy watching


I don't know why, but I can watch 90% of their episodes over and over and over, and STILL laugh...  I am especially fond of Stewie, but really - who isn't?  I wish they would bring back the ominous violin chords when he is doing something 'less than nice.'

When I'm bored, or need something going on in the background, I always throw in a DVD of one of the first seasons, or throw it up on NetFlix.  The craziness and unbelievability of it all is hilarious to me!  I have been a fan for years, and I hope to continue to be one for many more years to come!

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