August 24, 2011

UnEmployed No More!

I'm on Day 8 of training, and I'm loving it!!!!

Because of this, I have not been able to get to the library to post any of my blogs for August, but I've still posted more this month than in the past few!  Right? 

Husband and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Monday.  Went out to a nice dinner at the Chart House.  I don't know if you have ever been to one, but they are lovely.  I'm not used to being waited on in such a manner.  It's a nice feeling, yet almost uncomfortable for a DIY kind of girl like me...   However, it was a fantastic night, overall.  I had Stuffed Tilapia (delicious), and hubs had some sort of Lamb Lollipops...  Something to that effect...  Anyway, I took some pictures - so I could post on Foodspotting - (I can be followed HERE.)  They were a bit dark, but I'm going to see what I can do with them at home...

Job is going well...  I mean, it's 7 weeks' worth of training - which is the part that I love (and at which I excel)!  Unfortunately, not everyone 'gets it' as quickly as me and a few others.  We are down to 23 out of 26 people - 2 for family reasons, one we're not sure of.  It's really none of my business, I know.  I just like to know if they are okay...   It's a pretty wide range of people, too - which is neat.  I think our ages range from 18 to probably 55 or so!  They are a nifty group, if I must say so.  The instructor is pretty cool, too.  I think we may be his first full time class, though.  He seems a little frazzled, but thankfully on his game.  His patience is amazing.  There are a couple of talkers in the class that I would have long ago separated...  They aren't too disruptive, but telling someone to stop talking 2 - 3 times a day would wear on me. 

Like I said, it's 7 weeks and we are midway through week 2.  I'm looking forward to seeing how we end up.  Who passes and who doesn't...   What matters to me is that I learn all that I can, exceed everyone's expectations (even mine!), and eventually become something bigger...  This company seems to have a LOT of growth opportunities, and I expect to explore them all!

Have a wonderful afternoon, everyone! 

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