August 11, 2011

Banking is not for me

So far, so good on the job front.  I have been getting emails from the Company, guiding me through their 'in-doc' procedures.  They call it the 'Red Carpet,' which I think is just lovely!  (And Yes, I said 'lovely.')  It makes me feel welcomed and important.  Isn't that how everyone should feel when being introduced into a new company? 

So, I've got until Friday to get a copy of my High School diploma (and I have absolutely NO idea how to do that...) and enroll in Direct Deposit.  Normally, this would not be a problem.  However, we are disappointed in the way our bank is going, and want to switch to something else.  Unfortunately, we have not yet decided on which bank to use.

I am currently trying to figure out what the difference between a Bank and a Credit Union is.  I would like to earn money on our savings, but with the economy the way it is today, that's pretty tough to find.  I would also like to be able to use the account and not have to pay for it every month.  That's the problem with our current bank - they are going from 'Free Checking' to having to pay $7 every month!  Um... No thank you...  Sure, $7 isn't all that much to some people, but it adds up!  Plus, I'm poor - so it IS a lot of money to me!

I was thinking of maybe going to the bank that holds our mortgage, but we eventually would like to refinance that, so it may not matter in the long run.

UGH!  I wish they would have taught this stuff in High School.  I was lucky enough to have one teacher who taught us a bit about the stock market, how to write a check, and a bit about balancing a checkbook - but back then, Debit cards were scarce.  Hmm.. now that I think about it, that shouldn't make much of a difference.  *sigh*  Maybe banks should do monthly seminars on this stuff!  Now THAT would be great!  Who better to learn from, right?  

Okay, I just made myself giggle on that one.  I'm sure people are out there thinking, "Yeah, let's learn from the banks that can't seem to handle their own money problems.  Maybe we can learn how to get bailed out, too!"

So...  Here goes nothing.  Research, Research, Research...  

What do you use, and/or prefer?  Bank or Credit Union? 

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