April 6, 2011

Mary Kay - Money maker? Or Money Waster?

As I know I have mentioned before, I want out of the day to day crap that is my job.  Sure, the people are fantastic, but the job is boring and I need to make more money.

A few years ago, when I worked for the local office of a national real estate company, I met a lady who sold Mary Kay.  She saw how much lip balm I used on a daily basis and told me about the Satin Lips kit that Mary Kay offers.  I tried the sample she gave me, and it worked.  I didn't buy it, but it was a really nice change.  I did get a couple of things from her, but that was it.  Later, at another job, I found a catalog from a local Independent Beauty Consultant and ordered from her.  I only did this once, because of money constraints, but again, I liked the stuff that was offered.

So, when I began at my current job, I found out that not one, but two of my co-workers were IBCs.  One invited me to her parties and whatnot, and the other seemed to keep to herself.  I did order from both of them, however  Only because one kept an inventory of things that I used.  The other girl would place orders as needed.  I saw how different the business could be.

Eventually, both ladies left the firm and I thought I was done.  I didn't think it was all that big a deal, because I hadn't always used Mary Kay, so I knew I could find things that I enjoyed as much.  However, about a year ago, another co-worker decided to start her own Mary Kay Biz.  She is not the most social or approachable person, but she has done okay for herself.  From what I can tell, anyway...  I have gone to a couple of her training sessions, where we get to try new products and get mini makeovers.  They are a lot of fun and there are a variety of people there!  I get the feeling that if she can do it, so could it.

But then I wonder, "How?"  I am not very social.  I love computers, so I could get the word out via the typical social networks and whatnot, but will that be enough to justify the initial investment?  The reason I am thinking about it now is because there is a huge price break on the start up kit - which could NOT have come at a better time!  I have been watching and reading the testimonials on the MK site, which have been an inspiration.  I am talking a lot with my co-worker - who is really excited for me!  That is a surprise in itself!  In what kind of business is someone happy for someone else??? Girls are supposed to be catty and annoyed when other girls want to succeed...  But I don't get that from Mary Kay.  Everyone I have spoken with is supportive, excited and overall happy.  I want to be happy!  I am still going to give it some more thought, but it's really leaning toward a 'Yes, I want to be an IBC for MK!' 

My question to anyone happening across this blog post is this:  Do you know anyone who sells Mary Kay?  Do YOU sell it?  Do you love it? Was it worth your time and money?

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  1. I wish you well with Mary Kay.

    If you are very social and have plenty of friends and other contacts, you have a good head start in order to help build up your business.

    I have worked in IT for the last 25 years, and it's not what it used to be, with few jobs and I am now earning less than I used to 20 years ago - without even taking inflation into account.

    This is one reason that I am writing and trying to earn a living online. Good Luck :)