April 13, 2011

Well, I got sucked in...

As of Monday, I am a new Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay.

Hold your groans....  Please?

I thought about it all weekend long.  I wrote out pro/con lists and read over some of their legal jargon (which I am a bit surprised I understood!).  I talked it over with my husband, who thankfully listened with an open mind  I gave him the opportunity to voice his opinions and ask me questions to get a better feel for where I'm coming from, and what I would be doing with the company.  I got his approval over a Red Lobster dinner on Saturday night, and on Monday I signed up - Monday night got my induction pin and whatnot...  Now, I am anxiously waiting on my Starter Kit to be delivered.  I obsessively check the website to see if it has been shipped - still nothing.  I'm hoping it will be here on Friday.  I don't think I can wait until Monday!!! 

Anyway, the evening was a lot of fun.  There were 5 new consultants getting pinned, which was neat to see; There were TWO pink Cadillacs in the parking lot - one was earned by a National Sales Director and the other was for a Senior Sales Director (I think).  I liked the one that was an Escalade...  Anyway, there were a lot of Directors in the house for the event - which was nifty to see.  Not many people support each other so strongly! 

There were also 6 guests there for makeovers (which is how I was introduced to the Consultant aspect of the company).  The highlight for me was listening to Maureen Leta speak.  (I apologize if I spelled her name incorrectly.) 

Maureen was, according to her story, a teacher in New York making some pretty decent money at the time, but not enough to get a nice house or car or whatever.  She got into Mary Kay to add to her income, and eventually went full steam ahead and started to make more money than she did at school.  Fast Forward twenty years later and she's driving somewhere around her 16th Caddy and travels with her husband as a National Sales Director.

Now, even if that's not something I can see myself doing, the story was incredibly inspiring and made me just a bit more excited about my biz.  I just need to find people who like the stuff, or at least want to try it, and go from there! 

Our next meeting is on Monday night.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it changes (in my eyes) upon becoming a consultant as opposed to a guest.  WOO HOO!    Let's hope this isn't some sort of complete scam.  I'm keeping my head up!  (and my fingers crossed....)

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