April 20, 2011

Mary Kay for Mother's Day

Mary Kay Limited Edition Gift Set - Simply Cotton

With Mother's Day around the corner, ( Sunday, May 8th) I thought that now would be a great time to hold a virtual Business Debut.  To kick it off, I have set a goal of selling ten of the Simply Cotton gift sets by next Friday.  In itself, it sounds like a goal that may be reached - but the planning is a bit fuzzy.

I believe that I need to speak with some of my male friends, as they are usually somewhat clueless about what to get their wives, moms, grand-moms, etcetera for Mother's Day.  I think that this would be a fantastic way for them to get in good with their Female counterparts, and the Mom's get a cute bag, scarf and sweet smelling perfume!  Win-Win in my book!

I also think it could be a cute idea for Dad's to get them as gifts 'From the Kids.'  What kid doesn't want to give their mom a Mother's Day gift?  Right?  (Really - Right?  I don't have kids,  so I don't know! hehe)  Anyway, since this is my first attempt at achieving I am going to go Full Force.  No holds barred!  (I still don't understand that saying...) Balls to the Wall!  (I got caught up in the moment....)  I think you get the picture.  So, that being said, if it looks like something you would like more information on - feel free to go to my Mary Kay site, Follow me on Twitter, or send me an email/leave a comment!  You would be helping out a fellow blogger as well as giving a great gift to a loved one!  What could be bad about that?


  1. Good ideas. I hope you are able to get some good sales.

  2. Thanks! Me too! =) So far, slow going - but I have faith!