July 31, 2011

August NaBloPoMo - Subject: Fiction

I'm going to try it again...  I have nothing better to do while I look for work, so why not write, right?

I have tried to write a post per day in the past, and have failed miserably, but with a subject like 'Fiction,' I thought I may give it another go! 

A while back, I won a blog giveaway and the prize was a copy of 'The 3 A.M. Epiphany' - which I had never heard of, nor ever thought of using... However, once I received it, I was intrigued!  I have always been a fan of journal writing, and have written a few short stories here and there (in High School and College!), and the excercises in the book piqued my interest again.  I figure that now would be a great time to dig it out of my piles of books (that I never get around to reading), blow the dust off the cover, and delve in.

Who knows?  Maybe it will light a fire under my butt for NaNoWriMo!!!!  =)

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