March 8, 2011

A watched pot...

For two weeks I have waited patiently for an email that has not yet come.  I'm not sure if I should give up quite yet.  I mean, it's not like I'm doing anything physical in waiting, so 'giving up' is more of a term than an action...  But it still bothers me.

When I see my email notification tell me that I have a new message, my heart skips just a bit.  Almost a flutter, but since I'm trying to keep my hopes in check, I try to keep the little insect in a net. 

I just wish that when you go to an interview and they tell you, look for an email within the next couple of weeks, they actually followed through.  I do understand that there are places that have so many applicants that they can't send out personal emails to everyone, but there should be some sort of form letter or something to send to those who don't get hired.  (In a perfect world, I guess....)

So, I safely put away another day of not knowing my status with this particular department.  I think that I will give it til the end of the week before I officially give up.  The brief moments of excitement make the day a little better.  Just before they drag me down again.  heh... 

Happy Tuesday, everybody!  =)

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