February 18, 2011

"Beauty & Thrift" is giving away E-Mealz!

Yep, that's right!  If you go over to the Beauty & Thrift blog, you will see that they are having a giveaway - and the fantastic prize is a 6 month subscription to E-Mealz!

If you have never heard of E-Mealz, I will give you a quick rundown.    

Basically, it's a meal plan.  And they have a pretty good variety from which to choose!  There are plans for families, couples, Wal*Mart Shoppers, and even those who must avoid Gluten!  After signing up, you get access to a link to a menu for the week - along with a link for the previous week's meals.  Conveniently, there is also a shopping list included, outlining the main ingredients for the meals.  The list is easy to read, lets you know which meals the items are for (which is nice if you are just buying a few things at a time), and gives you the approximate total of everything you will be buying!  I love that part!  It's nice to know that I can go to the supermarket and get just about everything I need for a week's worth of meals, for (usually) around $45!

Unfortunately, the only meal that is covered is dinner - but they are simple and tasty!

Now, I have only tried the plan once, and we did the 'Wal*Mart Lo-Fat Plan for Two."  This particular plan covered only 5 nights of meals - which, for us, was just fine.  3 of the 5 meals would usually leave leftovers.  They were also easy to adjust and tweak for serving size and taste.  Yes, they are very basic meals, and rather simple in both preparation and taste - but they are also quick to make.  To me, the less time I have to spend cooking when I get home, the happier I am!

So, to sum it up - it's a great plan, and I hope to be able to take advantage of it again, soon.  (Had to cut it from our budget for a little bit while husband when back to school.)  When we do, I will have to post some pictures of the meals you are able to make - like they did on Beauty & Thrift!

Definitely worth a look-see!

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